On May 25, 2020, at approximately 10:05 PM, several BCFD units were dispatched to the report of an alarm sounding in the 1600 block of Havasupai Dr. Engine 761s crew arrived first on the scene reporting a two-story apartment structure. Several tenants had already self-evacuated advising firefighters that a garage on the lower level was on fire. Crews quickly located the two-car garage, which was filled with smoke. Fortunately, the building is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system which properly activated a single sprinkler head in the garage area, extinguishing the fire before it was able to spread. All property, including two vehicles that were parked inside of the garage, were undamaged from the fire.

Bullhead City Fire Department attributes the working automatic sprinkler systems to saving lives and property. Because of the location of this fire, it could have very easily extended into the living spaces of the apartments above, causing extensive damage to both lives and property.

No injuries were reported from this incident and the cause of the fire remains under investigation at this time.