About Us

The Design/Build Specialist
We are not your typical everyday fire protection contractor! Concord Fire Protection is a proven quality fire protection company located in the Greater Cincinnati Area. For 27 years, our business has been built on relationships and trust. Starting September 1st, 1995, our business continues to grow not only in numbers, but also in experience, ability, and fire sprinkler industry knowledge. Our projects range from single sprinkler head relocations, Multi-Tenant Mall Centers, to high-rise buildings. Today, Concord is a leader in the Midwest region for quality fire sprinkler systems in the most complex facilities.
Mission Statement
To provide customers with an efficient and effective fire protection system to protect lives and property.
Value Statement
We trust the quality and ingenuity of our team to design and install the right system for any application.

At Concord, our team of engineers regularly meet to collaborate and provide critical feedback on every obstacle.

Our Values

  • Trust 
  • Quality
  • Safety
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
Areas of Work
Concord Fire Protection has worked on projects ranging throughout the Mid-West and South-Eastern United States. We provide work in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, and Mississippi.
Three Goals

      1. Continue to develop a trusting relationship with new and current general contractors looking for a top tier fire protection specialist company
      2. To provide our customer with a worry-free system while providing the building owner ease of mind knowing the building is fully protected per National Fire Protection Association sprinkler standards and local regulations
      3. Not to become the largest fire protection company in the country, just the best

We have many local distributors of manufactured fire protection equipment within 10 minutes of our office in Cincinnati, OH. Some of our major partners in the industry are