Service & Inspections

Service & Inspections

If this is an emergency or after-hours call, please reach us at 513-942-3005 and you will be directed to the emergency service division.

Here at Concord we have a wide range of service availability. Our service technicians are rigorously trained and lead by our well-rounded and experienced management team. Our large service team is reachable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our team is trained to be proficient in all fire suppression systems, which in turn helps you the customer for a quick response and quality repair.

Per NFPA 25, “the property owner or designated representative shall be responsible for properly maintaining a water based fire protection system”. Here at Concord Fire Protection, we understand the large amount of responsibility in servicing and inspecting your fire protection system. Fire safety protocols are vital in maintaining a safe and reliable fire protection system. Let us help you as our trained professionals inspect your water based system and generate a full report for your keeping. Our team is quick, efficient, and thorough. Our goal is to keep your system down for as little time as possible while the inspection or repair is ongoing.

Give us a call to receive a standard quote based on the services and inspections you require. If you have a question about a service that is not listed below, please give us a call and would be more than happy to speak with you.

Services offered include, but not limited to the following:
Review of Interior and Exterior Gauges Confirmation of Proper Air and Water Pressure Levels Inspection of Water-Flow Alarms
Review of Control Valves Fire Department Connection Reviews Trip Testing for Dry, Deluge, or Pre-Action Systems
Wet Pipe Sprinkler Inspection Dry Pipe Sprinkler Inspection Anti-Freeze Sprinkler Inspections
Backflow Prevention Testing Corrosion Evaluation Fire Pump Testing & Assessments
Pre-action Sprinkler System Deluge Sprinkler System Low and High Expansion Foam Systems
Private Fire Service Main Testing Fire Hydrant Inspection Water Storage Tank Inspection
Standpipe System Testing Fire Hose Inspection Fire Extinguisher Inspection and Testing
Valve Maintenance